Welcome to the home of Dyna-Lube

Utilizing Dyna-Lube technology, we have created both fuel and oil concentrates - used to enhance the performance of existing lubricants - and a line of specifically formulated "ready-to-use" lubricants, greases and fuel additives.

Dyna-Lube Technology Benefits:

** Reduce friction to a fraction
** Speed up oil flow
** Impregnate the micro-pores of the metal (eliminates dry starts)
** Increase horsepower
** Improve fuel economy
** Reduce battery drain at engine start – especially in cold weather

    Dyna-Lube micro-lubricants are supplemental products designed to work in conjunction with – not in lieu of – your existing lubricants and fluids. For the best results - we recommend changing fluids at the manufacturer's recommended intervals or sooner if operating under adverse conditions.